Stainless Steel is used in fine sheet for some of the jewellery made at White November. 

Stainless Steel has many favorable qualities. 


Stainless Steel is an excellent alternative for wearers with allergies and sensitivity to base metals such as copper or brass. For designs where the main component will be in close contact with the wearer's skin (especially in the summer-time when heat often exaggerates the reaction to skin) unplated stainless steel is one of the best options available.


Flexible, durable and strong stainless steel is able to be folded and layered to create 3d shapes. Stainless Steel has excellent integrity but is still bendable. It may take a little more stength to bend it into the desired shape than other metals, but the advantage is that the finished stainless steel jewelry design will retain its shape more dutifully.


Tarnish and corrosion resistance / easy to clean ( mild soap and water) no chemicals required. 


A sustainable material does not harm the people working to produce it, or the people who handle it during its use, recycling and disposal. Stainless steel is not harmful to people during either its production or use. Stainless steel is a green product. It is 100% recyclable, as it is not coated with any toxic material it does not produce toxic run-off. A huge difference can be made by companies and individuals by simply choosing stainless steel over non-recyclable materials. Even if stainless steel is not recycled and it does find its way to a landfill or disposal site, it will have no detrimental effect to the soil or groundwater.

The emission footprints of the material, especially those related to carbon, water and air, are minimised. Reuse and recyclability are at high levels. Stainless steels are easily recycled to produce more stainless steels and this process can be carried on indefinitely. It is estimated that about 80% of stainless steels are recycled at the end of their life. As stainless steel has a high intrinsic value, it is collected and recycled without any economic incentives .


The stainless steel that is used at White November is treated with a chemical etch. 

White November are conscious of our moral environmental obligations, particularly in regard to disposal of treatment chemicals.  All the spent chemicals are transported and disposed of by a certified chemical treatment company.  Interestingly, the disposal of the acid we use in the etch process costs about twice as much to dispose of as it costs to purchase originally. 

The waste water is treated on-site before discharge, according to the specifications of the council/EPA licensing.