Introducing the Empire Collection, where our creative vision draws from an array of influences, from the realms of art and design. However, our primary muse for this exquisite collection lies in the grandeur of architecture. Our keen eye is particularly captivated by the Art Deco motifs prevalent in architectural marvels. This time, our inspiration struck close to home, as we stumbled upon a magnificent apartment block nearby, adorned with Art Deco embellishments. Additionally, we've relocated to a new studio space within Melbourne's iconic Manchester Unity Building, a breathtaking masterpiece of Art Deco Gothic architecture dating back to 1932.

Every inch of this remarkable edifice, from its ornate front door and elegant lifts to its exterior façade and intricate hallways, exudes the timeless allure of Art Deco. Within this inspiring setting, we've meticulously crafted each ring in the collection, drawing upon the names of renowned buildings, films, and artistic movements from the Art Deco era. Allow yourself to be transported to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication with the Empire Collection.