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Our TIMLESS CLASSICS CAPSULE was inspired by different eras that have come and gone. With influence from the romantic Victorian Era, the bold geometry of the Roaring 20’s Art Deco era, nostalgic retro revival and the sleek and effortless minimalism of the 90’s - there is a staple, or a statement in our collection for every occasion.


These everlasting and unique designs have been thoughtfully created, to stand the test of time without compromise – just like the icons they’re named after.


Our mission is to celebrate individuality, not fast fashion. Each piece in our range is sustainably handcrafted, using ethically mined or lab-grown Gemstones and a zero-waste approach. As all of our pieces are made with integrity and intention there is a limited quantity of each original design. However, all of our designs can be replicated or customised with any stone of significance, creating a more sentimental and unique piece specifically for you.

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