5 Great Reasons to Reimagine Old Jewellery

5 Great Reasons to Reimagine Old Jewellery

A treasure trove is hidden in your drawer - that’s right, it’s your jewellery box! Before you spend on new jewellery, consider repairing, repurposing and reusing the older pieces you already own.

Whether it’s a ring from a previous relationship, or an inherited heirloom that isn’t quite your style, it’s a great way to save money, contribute to environmental conservation, and build a unique jewellery collection. 

At White November, we reimagine your jewellery to create extraordinary new pieces that are modern, beautiful, and suit your own individual aesthetic - for a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece of jewellery. Our team have been offering reimagined jewellery services for years, breathing new life into jewellery that holds sentimental value for people and past events that hold a special meaning. 

Read on to discover the five reasons why we believe you should reimagine your old jewellery.


To Save the Environment

Upcycling has gained an increased momentum as we all focus on creating a more sustainable future. Reimagining vintage jewellery - whether it be resizing a gifted ring, or resetting gemstones from an inherited piece into a completely new design - is a great way to keep your environmental impact at the forefront. While the notion of refurbishing jewellery is gaining in popularity, goldsmiths and master craftsmen have reworked metals and reset gemstones for centuries, remaking heirloom pieces for new purposes. 

The best thing about precious metals is that these raw materials are extremely durable, and are capable of being melted down, reworked, and completely redesigned. You can either reuse jewellery from your collection or buy pieces from antique shops or vintage boutiques. By giving these precious metals and pre-existing gems to the White November design team, you not only support the local economy, but are also minimising your carbon footprint - reducing the time and effort required to source and transport all the highly sought-after materials required to put together your unique piece of jewellery.



To Save Money

In this ever-changing and unpredictable financial climate, it is natural to think of ways of how to better maximise your hard-earned money. For quality jewellery, it is standard to expect to spend a few hundred dollars at the very least. Recreating new jewellery pieces, therefore, is the smartest way to make the most of your current jewellery collection while also making the most out of your money.

Look through you and your family’s collection and find pieces that may be damaged, out-of-style, or in need of repair. At White November, we have the expertise and tools to repair old pieces and restore them to their former glory, extending the life of your once-loved jewels and saving you from re-buying these precious materials in a brand new piece.

Remodelled jewellery pieces also provide you with more value than selling them for cash, usually only leaving you with a fraction of the actual insurance value. This is because the gold buyer is only interested in the metal, and does not consider the price of the gemstones or the labour cost. Therefore, a reimagined design - which comes with a new valuation, ensures that not only the precious metals, but also the cost of gemstones and the crafting time are included in the true value of the piece. 



To Create a One-of-A-Kind Piece

There are inevitably pieces in your jewellery collection that are outdated, long-forgotten and unlikely to be worn again - whether it be because they do not match your current style, or because they are just not exciting to you anymore. Seeing the unlimited potential and magic of an old treasure is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences we have here at White November. We take such pleasure in being able to keep the sentiment and connections of your loved ones alive with an exquisite piece of jewellery that keeps them with you forever. 

Reworking a heritage piece into a new design allows you to create something that is completely unique to you and your personal style, while also preserving honoured traditions and heartfelt memories. To give your jewellery a new lease on life, these pieces combine new and old precious materials, and are made using intricate handicraft techniques, giving your item a completely unmatched, artisan touch. If you are looking for a way to mark a special occasion, then a piece of jewellery that combines elements from an existing piece into a brand new design is an ideal way to combine cherished memories of the past, with soon-to-be cherished memories of the future.  



To Create a Family Heirloom

Fortunate as we are to live in a world where we can travel across the world so easily, oftentimes, traditions are the only thing that keeps a family close - no matter the distance. A heirloom piece links family members together and to their heritage, serving as a reminder of their identity. Reimagining jewellery is a wonderful way to hold memories close, and keep love alive across generations. It is also a beautiful way to welcome someone new into your family, just like with the Royals - Princess Diana was gifted a sapphire brooch from The Queen Mother, and redesigned this heritage piece by turning the sapphire and diamonds into her iconic seven strand pearl choker necklace, giving this family heirloom a new life. The legacy of this piece - having had two different uses - has also transcended two generations.

By reworking heirloom pieces, precious materials and gemstones are brought to life again, allowing you to continue to share the story behind these memorable pieces, thus keeping them alive in the hearts and minds of yourself, as well as in all of your next generations to come. It also allows your family members to feel a sense of pride, seeing their once beloved pieces worn by the younger generations of the family and knowing that their memory has been immortalised by those they love most. The White November design team are able to create multiple pieces from one original heirloom jewellery piece, each with its own link and meaning to the initial ancestral family history.



For a Refreshed, Modern Update

The wonderful thing about redesigning old jewellery is that anything can be given an invigorated new feel. Just like your beloved grandmother’s brooch, which can be converted into a ring that is more suited to your own personal style, a bangle bracelet into a matching ring stacker set, or your mother’s engagement ring that can be transformed into a pendant that can be worn close to your heart.

Another way to remodel old jewellery is by giving it a dual purpose - for example, turning a ring into the centrepiece for a necklace, or a brooch that can be worn as a pendant. Creating more versatility within your jewellery collection is the best way to make it feel fresh again.


Feeling excited about giving your old jewels a new & reimagined life?

Book a consultation with the design team at White November - who will be happy to talk you through the steps and options in creating a high quality piece - infused with intimate meaning - into a new future heirloom to pass on to future generations.

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Top 3 Things To Look For When Buying Designer Engagement Rings

Top 3 Things To Look For When Buying Designer Engagement Rings

Looking to propose to the love of your life with a unique and unforgettable ring? Here, we will walk you through what is most important in choosing the perfect design, so you can walk down the aisle to your happily ever after.



Setting Style

With so many options and styles on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed with choice. The easiest place to start is to get an idea of what style your partner likes. Looking at their current jewellery collection - do they wear more vintage-looking pieces, or do they prefer a modern look? A pave setting - such as our Stella Ring with several small stones accentuate the main stone - is a classic design that has been popular for centuries, while our Toi et Moi Ring design is a popular modern update.


Do they lean towards a more traditional aesthetic, or do they want something unusual, eclectic and unique? A solitaire ring, like our Cleo Ring or Sofia Solitaire Ring, or a three-stone setting like our Trinity Engagement Ring are the most timeless designs. 

For a more standout style, a cluster setting comprising of a range of coloured gemstones like our Meeka Ring  or Saint Germain Cluster Ring is the perfect choice.

For a partner with an active lifestyle, a protective setting such as a bezel - like our Kate Ring or Edie Engagement Ring, tension style, or low set stone will be the best option.

Along with aesthetic style, keep in mind the height of the stone setting, as this will affect the design of the wedding band that will be worn together with the engagement ring. As shown in our Aubrey Wedder with our Zaniah Ring. a higher setting allows the centre stone to sit on top of the wedding band, while a lower setting will mean that the wedding band will need to be designed to curve around the engagement ring centre stone, displayed for our Stella Band with our Stella Ring





Gemstone Quality


Quality diamonds come with a grading report from a reputable laboratory like the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). When assessing this detailed report, the best way to assess a stone's quality is by focusing on the Four Cs: cut, clarity, colour, and carat.


Though you will still need to examine the diamond closely, these grades will be your first indication of the diamond's quality. The most important of the Four Cs - especially when purchasing a diamond for an engagement ring - is the cut.


The cut determines the level of scintillation, brilliance and fire in your gem. The cut scale ranges from excellent to poor. The top two categories of Excellent and Very Good will ensure your diamond sparkles beautifully. It is important to keep your standards in stone cut high, as a well-cut diamond makes any colour and clarity imperfections less noticeable. Well-cut diamonds also appear to look brighter, which will make it look larger than its actual carat size.

Another key C when looking for a perfect diamond for an engagement ring centre stone is clarity. As internal imperfections are difficult to see with the naked eye, you can get away with a quality diamonds below the 'Flawless' classification, but try not to go any lower than a SI1 quality diamond.

One of the most well-known measurements applied to diamonds is Carat, which refers to how much the stone weighs. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams, and is divided into 100 points - which provides an extremely accurate measurement of weight.

When opting for a coloured gemstone engagement ring, sapphire gemstones are a perfect choice due to their hardness and durability. Coloured gemstones were historically used for royal bridal jewellery. When determining the value of a sapphire gem, colour plays the most important role. Blue sapphires usually garner the highest prices, white parti sapphires displaying all three colours of blue green and yellow are the most rare and sort after. Therefore. cuts that enhance colour - such as step cuts - are recommended, as well as cuts maximise light return, such as brilliant cuts. followed by round and pear cuts. Common cuts for sapphires include ovals and cushions, while emerald and marquise cuts add the most to a sapphire's value.



Design Aesthetic & Significance

White diamonds are popular choices for centre stones in traditional engagement and wedding bands, however, coloured stones that represent a personalised meaning - such as birthstones - are becoming increasingly more popular. Some options include using a stone that represents the month of the wedding or the engagement. The beauty of a designer ring is that a custom piece can tell a story that represents the couple's love - past, present and future. While a custom ring may take longer to create than a ready-made piece, a ring that conveys heartfelt meaning makes it well worth the wait.

For an exceptionally exclusive design, we are also accomplished in creating specially-designed pieces inspired by details of memorable places, architecture, or photographs.  From the metal work to the arrangement, colour and meaning of the gemstones, your one-of-a-kind design for your extraordinary love is just a consultation away.

- Book Your Complimentary  -

Bespoke Consultation

For custom designs the cut off date for appointments wil be on the 15th of July. Bookings will open back up again on the 14th of August. Secure your spot today.








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Something Blue: A Guide for Sapphire Engagement Rings

Something Blue: A Guide for Sapphire Engagement Rings

By popular demand we have created our gem school guide for sapphires. The most highly sought after gem being the blue beauty’s of the world. Why? Not only are blue sapphires incredibly stunning, they are also ethically and sustainably sourced predominately here in Australia. Plus, did you know that we can source a range of different gems for you to choose from that come from Queensland. We then design your chosen gem into a precious piece to last a lifetime. All of our gems are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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Restored treasures, old loves, renewed romance

Restored treasures, old loves, renewed romance

Things that hold meaning and precious memories are the most impossible to get rid of and why should you?

No matter what condition they are in, we can work to restore or revive forgotten pieces of jewellery that hold special meaning to you. Below we feature some before and afters of hidden treasures.

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Paris inspired jewels

Paris inspired jewels
In what felt like another world, one filled with love, laughter and romance; infusing the best inspiration for these new jewels inspired by Paris. Bianca’s recent trip to the love capital formed the basis of  these stunning new designs named after the places that gifted her with the best types of inspiration. Capturing the glitz, glamour, history and romance of Paris. Enjoy discovering these new pieces. 



Captured here is one of the stunning designs being hand drawn by Bianca on her travels to Paris. Gathering inspiration from the local architecture, fashion and events in Paris was paramount to the design process. 
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As seen on you ~ The LOVE Edit

As seen on you ~ The LOVE Edit
When time stands still for blissful moments that your favourite memories are made. Enthralled in romance, love and beauty. Captured on camera to reminisce on in the years to come. Engagements and weddings around the world with White November Jewellery. Take a look at some of our most recent favourites as seen on you
We love making custom made pieces for our clients. Each piece carries its own uniqueness and is made perfectly for the couple.  
We’re in love with this beautiful custom Stella. The band was created to match Megans existing ring.
Elises stunning emerald cut engagement ring is a show stopper.

Here’s the beautiful ring we created for Kasia ~ crafted with baguette diamonds and 18k yellow gold. We also engraved a little special infinity inside the band.

We just love the colours in the Parti Parti Sapphire that Tom chose! All the gold and diamonds were recycled from unworn jewels.


With Charlotte’s custom ring we used pale pink and peach sapphires and white sapphires. Peach sapphires are very very rare in that cut, she was looking everywhere and found WN! We based this off the Etoile design. Charlotte wanted the stones on the wedder to match her peachy morganite center stone on her engagement ring.


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A closer look at the rare Mermaid Sapphire

A closer look at the rare Mermaid Sapphire

Romantically symbolising wisdom, power, tranquility and peace. The mermaid sapphire combining blue and green channels a dreamy marriage. Capturing your love story through the unique expression of the deep blues and greens of the ocean. The name sends us on a deeper dive into the discovery of this incredible sapphire.  

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Choosing the Best Coloured Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Choosing the Best Coloured Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Want to break free from traditional gemstone engagement rings? Choose a beautiful coloured gemstone engagement ring instead. However, don’t choose gemstones based solely on aesthetics. You must consider other factors, such as a gem’s wearability, clarity, and optical performance. The following ten coloured gems will make beautiful engagement rings. They combine excellent gem properties, beautiful colours, and stunning performance.

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