White November was founded for those who adore otherworldly jewellery that is not just beautiful, but is infused with deep symbolic meaning - designed to transcend generations and to be treasured forever. Based in Melbourne, Australia, and crafted by traditional handcraft techniques, there’s always power of celestial proportions with an underlying softness. All designs are meticulously handcrafted using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, along with precious metals of gold, platinum and silver, as well as recycled metals wherever possible.

The White November Story

Our founder first fell in love with jewellery when studying at RMIT Melbourne, choosing it as an elective and never looking back. For many years, our founder designed jewellery for some of Australia’s most loved brands. With this fast-paced nature of mass-produced, trend-based jewellery that is often forgotten by next season, we at White November felt as though something was missing. Our founder believed that jewellery should feel personal and meaningful, reflecting the owner’s individuality and style. She dreamt of creating a standout brand that only created and produced bespoke, unique pieces of fine jewellery that compliment and celebrate its owner.

A trip to the Pantheon in Rome, Italy became the inspiration of the very first White November collection, Celestial Spheres. An intertwining of a love of astronomy, architecture, and beauty led her to the birth of White November- a brand that represents the beauty surrounding us. 

The White November brand has now become synonymous with memories of heartfelt moments like a milestone birthday, a perfect proposal, or an outstanding accomplishment, created to be cherished for always, and become a family heirloom passed down to daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters. 

A Sustainable Ethos

With our holistic approach to jewellery design, caring for the environment is a core element of the design process and implemented through our zero wastage systems. By breathing new life into once beloved pieces, metals can be melted down and transformed into a re-imagined design and a touching new meaning.