This season, be captivated by our muse - the SNAKE CHARMER. With her alluring powers, she does not fear the snake - but instead, becomes one with it. The ultimate enchantress, she is able to charm snakes to harness all their exquisite qualities of healing, wisdom and immortality.

With the serpent being prominently featured in many religions for centuries, this collection is curated to capture and celebrate the mesmerising magic of the first ever female snake charmers, historically renowned as magicians and healers.

Finding inspiration in the snake - a symbol of transformation and rejuvenation - we shed our old habits and outdated ways of thinking, to be reborn brighter, bolder and more stronger than ever before.. From the vision of hope behind our last collection LUNATOPIA, our dreams of emerging into a post-pandemic Utopia transpired into this new world.

Bamboo symbolism is also a major theme in this collection, being a representation of strength, growth and flexibility, reminding us of the characteristics we have all learnt to develop over the last few years

Its rapid growth makes bamboo sustainable and resistant to natural disasters. With these structural properties, we are brought back to one of our beloved and eternal sources of inspiration; architecture.

There is a piece in our collection to match perfectly with your own individual style. From the celestial bamboo HYDRA hoops to our spectacular SERPENTINE ring, these unique and unforgettable designs have been created to give power to it’s wearer and to be loved forever.