A closer look at the rare Mermaid Sapphire

A closer look at the rare Mermaid Sapphire

Romantically symbolising wisdom, power, tranquility and peace. The mermaid sapphire combining blue and green channels a dreamy marriage. Capturing your love story through the unique expression of the deep blues and greens of the ocean. The name sends us on a deeper dive into the discovery of this incredible sapphire.  

Mermaid Sapphire holds incredible qualities of durability, ethical sourcing, and affordable prices making them an excellent choice.



What are Mermaid Sapphires?

Teal sapphires combine a varied amount of blue, green, yellow, and grey, with the most prominent colours usually being a deep aquatic blue and a bold forest green. While there are at least six different varieties of teal sapphires - each with its own unique degree and combination of the colours mentioned above - mermaid sapphires exhibit a rare and specific 50-50 ratio of blue and green colours.


Why are They Called "Mermaids?”

As stones are derived from deep within the Earth, these stones - with their deep sea blue colouring - look as if they were found diving in the middle of the boundless ocean. The stunning beauty and rarity of these stones also make them comparable to the fairy-tale creature.


The Perfect Engagement Ring Gemstone

Alternatives to classic white diamonds have become increasingly popular for engagement ring stones. Sapphires - which combine beauty with strength - make an excellent choice for engagement rings because they can be found in many different colours and in a wide range of prices. Another reason why sapphires are perfect for engagements is the romantic meanings of the colours found within these stones. Blue symbolises loyalty, wisdom and power, and is said to bring their wearer good fortune, while green symbolises tranquility and peace. With mermaid sapphires being a combination of both these colours, they become incredible symbols of hope for a long and happy marriage. We believe that every unique love story deserves a unique expression. Teal sapphires - particularly mermaid sapphires - are great options for those looking for something unique and unforgettable for an engagement ring., Their durability, along with their ethical sourcing measures, and affordable prices make them an excellent purchasing decision.


What is the Colour of a Mermaid Sapphire?

Teal sapphires have become a very popular stone colour choice since the 1990's. These special mermaid sapphires - unlike their other teal variety counterparts - are made up of equal parts blue and green, and possess none of the yellow and grey tones. As a result, mermaids don't show true colour change when viewed under different light sources. Interestingly, however, their reflection patterns in natural and artificial light creates a partial, yet subtle change. With mermaid stones, this change is limited to a mossy green or a sea blue colour, without any flashes of yellow or grey.


How Rare are Mermaid Sapphires? 

Mermaids are the rarest type of teal sapphire, with less than 5% of teal sapphires having the obligatory 50-50 blue-green colour ratio. While sapphires can be found all around the world, the teal variety only occur in a few regions. These stones were first discovered in Montana USA, which remains an important source of teal sapphires. Australia is another principal source of these stones, along with Madagascar and Nigeria, which are also significant locations. 



Are Mermaid Sapphires Ethically Sourced? 

The majority of teal sapphires are completely ethically sourced - Australia primarily uses mechanical mining for these gems, and Montana has stringent mining regulations. Ethical and legal practices are maintained throughout the production chain, with every mining operation being closely scrutinised. Teal sapphires provide the African sapphire sources - especially Ilkaka, Madagascar and Gombe, Nigeria - an opportunity for family-owned, artisanal mines to earn a living. Through the recent popularity of these stones, these local communities have a chance to protect their interests in a way that benefits them economically, socially, and culturally in the long term.



What are the Physical Properties of Mermaid Sapphires?

The stunning mermaid sapphire backs up its beauty with brawn. Sapphires - along with rubies - belong to the mineral species known as corundum, and have a Mohs hardness of 9, The Mohs hardness rating measures a material's resistance to scratching, and only diamonds with a hardness of 10 are naturally tougher. Sapphires are also harder than household dust, which has a hardness of 7, and can scratch any object lower than a rating of 7. This makes all types of sapphires an excellent choice for engagement rings and other daily-wear jewellery.

Mermaid Sapphires vs Parti-Coloured Sapphires

Mermaid and parti-coloured sapphires have the same hardness and clarity, however, parti sapphires are multi-coloured and display colour zoning - which are distinct and clearly demarcated partitions within the stone. Teal and mermaid sapphires do not have these colour zones, as their colour properties are blended together.


Tips for Buying a Mermaid Sapphire 

While colour is one of the most important considerations when buying a mermaid sapphire, also consider the other C's of the renowned Four Cs: clarity, cut, and carat. For clarity, mermaid sapphires are generally eye-clean, meaning that finding one with no visible inclusions to the naked eye should be easy. In this case, avoid any mermaids that do have visible inclusions. In terms of cut, brilliant round and oval shapes, as well as emerald cuts and vintage rose cuts work beautifully. The most popular sizes for mermaid sapphires are 1.3 to 2.5 carats, but if you prefer a larger stone, we will endeavour to find one for you. 



For a unique engagement ring, clients are now looking beyond more traditional gem choices to create something extra meaningful and special. Mermaid sapphires are likely to rise in popularity due to this new demand, so now is a perfect time to buy. While stories of mermaids have captured our imagination for centuries, these incredible mermaid sapphires help to embody the awe and beauty of these mythical creatures into wearable jewellery art forms.