We are absolutely over the moon with the magical engagement piece that Bianca created for us. Her depth of knowledge on gemstones and  beautiful craftmanship is unparalleled. It was a joy to collaborate with WN and be involved in the creation of a piece that is truly unique and one which we will treasure forever. Thank you WN!

Rachel  (Melbourne, Australia)

I couldn't be more in love with my ring, thank you so much WN/Bianca - this truly means the world to me. From what was a small cracked chipped opal ring sitting in my mothers old jewellery box - Bianca knew just how to re-cut this precious stone for me to get the most out of it in its second life.  I only had a vague idea of what I wanted and Bianca was amazing at providing options and giving the ideas to create something timeless and precious to last another lifetime.

Sarah (Melbourne, Australia)


After the birth of our children I wanted to give my wife something in return - Bianca sourced the most incredible stones for viewing and we quickly found one that resonated with us and sparkled in that special way. Seeing the happiness on my wife's face at every stage of the process was second to none. We are so grateful and couldn't be happier - White November truly made every stage so seamless, listening contently and offering options and guidance. I cannot wait for this special creation to be passed down to our daughter one day.

Ryan (Melbourne, Australia)


Last Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a stunning diamond ring by White November, and I haven’t taken it off since! I absolutely love its gorgeously unique design with its beautiful materials so much, that I have contacted Bianca to create another ring with a bespoke design. Thank you White November!

Lia (Melbourne, Australia)


Oh my goodness. I am in awe.  We received the custom piece you made for our mum’s birthday and it is absolutely stunning.  Thank you so much for sourcing the most incredible Ruby stone, its definitely an eye catcher. Your patience and understanding throughout the process was out of this world.  She loves it so much. Such a sentimental piece.  We are so happy with what you created. Thank you so much.

Leanne (Melbourne, Australia)


I have two of the most incredible rings thanks to my favourite White November. My first was created in memory of my grandmother’s ring, which holds such sentimental value to me. I treasure it, and the experience I had with Bianca of bringing that memory to life. My second was created by Bianca with complete artistic license, and I simply love it! I get stopped so frequently by people asking where my stunning rings are from. I cannot wait to add more to my White November collection, Bianca is a rare talent.

Felicity (Melbourne, Australia)


When I asked Bianca to design and create my wedding band I could immediately feel the energy of pure love and happiness around our collaboration. I had a rough idea of what I wanted but it was Bianca's expertise and cosmic creativity that shaped my stunningly unique band. For Bianca, intention is everything, from the material and shape to the choice of stone and crystal, the entire piece has purpose and meaning.  My band is made up of ethically sourced diamonds and a rainbow moonstone, the power of love and positivity radiates into my marriage daily - I constantly look at my ring and every time I say "Wow!". A true heirloom I am so in love with and already planning to pass down to my future child.

Sarah (Melbourne, Australia)


Thank you so so much for making the whole experience just ………simple and perfect! Everything from sourcing, designing, building and delivering, it was done with love and care. When I finally manned up and decided it was time, I turned into water at the thought on where to start. But after contacting White November I was convinced and was definitely heading in the right direction. It was an exciting experience from start to finish to say the least and on the day of the proposal, I felt so confident in the ring I was hiding in the picnic basket. It was an absolute beauty which made the whole process just that bit easier. So Tiff and I say thank you White November. We will never forget the love, support and care you showed us. 

Jayden (Sydney, Australia)


After my grandmother passed, a precious family heirloom ring was given to my now husband as a future engagement ring. Bianca restored the ring to its original shine, re-plating, resizing and repositioning the hand cut stone which was slightly off centre. The difference was unbelievable, it shined like brand new and special in so many ways. When the time came to design our wedding bands, Bianca was the only designer we could trust. Given the complex style of my ring, there were many CAD drawings going back and forth, to ensure the design was perfect. This would be a ring I could never try on in physical form until the final product was made, so a lot of trust went into this CAD. Bianca absolutely nailed it! So much so, you would think the wedding band came as a set with the engagement ring all those years ago. The quality of my ring is solid and met out budget expectations. Bianca also created a simple wedding band for my husband… not too round, not too square, again the result was high quality in style, design and budget expectation. I cannot thank Bianca enough for answering every question along this journey, for going back to the CAD design many times and providing multiple options, Bianca is such a talented professional and I would highly recommend her to those wanting something just a little more unique. We could not be happier to have had White November as part of our special day and for life!

Morgan (Melbourne , Australia)


I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the necklace you created for me. It is so delicate and beautiful, it is more than I could have ever wanted. Your work is so amazing, I’m so grateful I can wear this incredible piece forever.

Teneille  (Torquay, Australia)   


Over the years I have been fortunate enough to obtain some of White November’s original and custom pieces, nothing is a hassle for Bianca when it comes to creating her celestial art forms! I described what I wanted and she always manages to put a little signature twist on every piece that is the most perfect cherry on top! Her eye for detail and love of what she creates shines through in every piece.

Talitha  (Byron Bay, Australia)   


The best and rare designs that I have seen in Melbourne! I took 4 months looking for a trendy engagement ring without any success till I found the website of White November, I was impress about the quality and the accuracy that the rings have with the website pictures and the real one! Also the process that we had with Bianca was amazing! She was really kind and professional. Thank you!

Nestor (Melbourne , Australia)


The moment I saw the ring, I knew it was perfect for my partner. Bianca's workmanship, and service was brilliant, especially being that I live interstate. She made the whole experience so easy. My fiancee absolutely loved the ring. I couldn't recommend Bianca more highly.

Steven (Adelaide, Australia)


A huge thank you is extended to White November Jewellery for the amazing re-design of my engagement and wedding rings. I had put my rings aside over 30 years ago and replaced them with various silver rings over the years.
My daughters often urged me to seek a makeover which led me to my meeting with the extremely talented Bianca Librandi who painstakingly took me through many ideas, designs and the most beautiful collection of gems one could ever imagine. I was utterly blown away by her jewellery and the White November Instagram account that highlights her ability to capture and design, on an
individual basis, pieces that depict clients’ inner most loves and beliefs.
I look down at my hand every day and raise my head with a huge smile.

Paula ( Melbourne , Australia)


My husband organized a white November custom ‘push present’ for the arrival of our baby boy. Bianca created the most incredible piece beyond my wildest dreams- the main stone was his birth month Garnett with African moon stones feathering out on a gold ring... It really is a wow piece that I wear everyday and I’m forever getting compliments. It has such meaning and beautiful energy behind it, I know it will become a heirloom piece that I will pass down to my son to gift to his love of his life.

Becky ( Red Hill , Australia)