Creating A 9k Gold and Rose Quartz Delicate and Fine Ring That Doesn't Lose It's Shape.

Creating A 9k Gold and Rose Quartz Delicate and Fine Ring That Doesn't Lose It's Shape.

I love working with people to create the piece of jewellery they have always dreamt of.

A few months ago, Belle asked me to help make the ring she had been daydreaming about into a reality. Belle has beautifully delicate and thin fingers, and already is a huge fine jewellery fan with multiple ring stacks on all fingers. Belle loves her fine jewellery stacks, however, she noticed that these rings tend to bend out of shape with only the most minimal amount of wear due to being so fine.

So the challenge was to design something fine, delicate and graceful that would also keep its shape and stand the test of time. I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to go about creating such a fine ring. I started playing and experimenting in my studio, mocking up a few options in round wire of different thicknesses to try and achieve a delicate ring that was also strong. While the wire mock-ups I created were the look we were after, they just weren't strong enough and would easily bend out of shape.

Feeling defeated about the fine wire idea, I suddenly remembered - Belle had a gorgeous vintage ring that she received from her mother, which was very fine and made of gold. I knew that if I was able to study the construction of this ring, I would be able to achieve our goal of creating a delicate yet strong ring. On closer inspection of the vintage ring, I noticed that the ring from the top was very fine, however, the side profile of the ring was actually quite thick, making the ring stable and strong while still giving off the illusion of looking fine and delicate.

The joy of completing this project and figuring out a way around this design problem was a highlight for me. The next step was to find the perfect stone for Belle's ring. Belle wanted a pink stone; so after analyzing all the options, I thought a round rose quartz stone would be the best choice. We agreed that the subtle soft pink hue of the stone would be complemented beautifully in a 9k Gold setting. When selecting the stones, I learnt that the more inclusions the rose quartz stone has, the more pink the stone appears. I chose a stone with a large pink inclusion for Belle.


  • The end result was even better than I had imagined - the fit was perfect, and the colours paired with the shapes looked flawless on Belle's finger. I loved the challenge this ring presented me with, and am so proud of beautiful heirloom we both created together.

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