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Creating A 9k Gold and Rose Quartz Delicate and Fine Ring That Doesn't Lose It's Shape. August 06 2016, 0 Comments

I love working with people to create the piece of jewellery they have always dreamt of.

A few months ago, Belle asked me to help make the ring she had been daydreaming about into a reality. Belle has beautifully delicate and thin fingers, and already is a huge fine jewellery fan with multiple ring stacks on all fingers. Belle loves her fine jewellery stacks, however, she noticed that these rings tend to bend out of shape with only the most minimal amount of wear due to being so fine.

So the challenge was to design something fine, delicate and graceful that would also keep its shape and stand the test of time. I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to go about creating such a fine ring. I started playing and experimenting in my studio, mocking up a few options in round wire of different thicknesses to try and achieve a delicate ring that was also strong. While the wire mock-ups I created were the look we were after, they just weren't strong enough and would easily bend out of shape.

Feeling defeated about the fine wire idea, I suddenly remembered - Belle had a gorgeous vintage ring that she received from her mother, which was very fine and made of gold. I knew that if I was able to study the construction of this ring, I would be able to achieve our goal of creating a delicate yet strong ring. On closer inspection of the vintage ring, I noticed that the ring from the top was very fine, however, the side profile of the ring was actually quite thick, making the ring stable and strong while still giving off the illusion of looking fine and delicate.

The joy of completing this project and figuring out a way around this design problem was a highlight for me. The next step was to find the perfect stone for Belle's ring. Belle wanted a pink stone; so after analyzing all the options, I thought a round rose quartz stone would be the best choice. We agreed that the subtle soft pink hue of the stone would be complemented beautifully in a 9k Gold setting. When selecting the stones, I learnt that the more inclusions the rose quartz stone has, the more pink the stone appears. I chose a stone with a large pink inclusion for Belle.


  • The end result was even better than I had imagined - the fit was perfect, and the colours paired with the shapes looked flawless on Belle's finger. I loved the challenge this ring presented me with, and am so proud of beautiful heirloom we both created together.

    If you would like a personal jewellery idea made into a custom piece, please send me an email at Bianca@Whitenovember.com.au




    Eternity Ring For Alana June 08 2016, 0 Comments

    A few months ago, I made an eternity ring for my friend Alana. She wanted a simple yet modern diamond ring in white gold. After a few one-on-one consultations, Alana decided that she wanted the width of the band to be 1.8mm to match her engagement ring. She also wanted white diamonds all the way around the band.

    While working on the ring in my studio in Southbank, i had the idea to contact her partner to see if he wanted to have a special message engraved on the inside of the ring shank. A few days later, he came back to me with some beautiful and personalised words. The inside of the band was very fine, however, the engraver and i managed to fit each word in.

    The most fulfilling moment of this project was seeing Alana's reaction to her partner Rio’s engraved message in the ring. It was such a special moment and one that will always stay with me. Personalising your special jewellery pieces with engraving techniques is such a great way to create timeless heirlooms.

    If you have a customised jewellery project in mind, please contact me via the website, or via email at Bianca@Whitenovember.com.au





    Push Present for a Sarah March 30 2016, 0 Comments

    Last September, I was asked by my friend Ryan to produce a custom ‘Push Present’ design for his wife Sarah. A "Push Present" - for those who don't know - is a special gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

    This new baby turned out to be the beautiful baby boy Forrest, who was born in October. One of my initial design ideas was to incorporate Forrest's birthstone – the White Opal - into this piece to make it customized and personal. When sketching up my ideas, I then thought it would be really nice to add another personal touch to the design and include a blue sapphire. This is the birthstone of September, and the month their eldest daughter was born.

    I noticed that Sarah often wears silver and white gold necklaces, so I decided that creating a neck piece to add to her neck "gallery" would be the perfect option for Sarah. That way, she would be able to wear this piece every day and treasure it forever.

    To create this special piece, I used white gold, white diamonds, a white opal and a blue sapphire. This has definitely been one of my favourite custom design pieces that i have created to date!



    Stone Setting Short Course By Northcity4 March 13 2016, 1 Comment

     Last Sunday I completed a stone setting course at Northcity4. Back in 2014, I had a bench at Northcity4 in their Project Space. I was working on my first ever collection -Celestial Spheres.

    The short course ran over 2 Sundays and was run by the well-known Melbourne Jeweller Kathryn Wardill. At the end of the short course, I had made and designed 5 different stone settings. I constructed 2 different kinds of claw settings and 3 different types of bezel setting.


    The claw settings I found to be particularly useful as I was able to set found object of varying shapes and sizes. I really enjoyed working with the precious stones for this project. I found a beautiful blue topaz cabochon stone that I ended up making an open back setting for.

    I really loved this course because I learnt a new skill and I also refined my soldering technique. Kathryn was a really great teacher, answering all my questions and demonstrating the best way to solder such small items. I would highly recommend this course!

    Find out more out the courses Northcity4 offer here: http://northcity4.com/courses-events/ 



    THE STORY OF WHITE NOVEMBER February 29 2016, 1 Comment

    My love of jewellery began when I was studying in Melbourne in 2006, choosing it as an elective and never looking back. I see my work as small pieces of wearable art, mini sculptures that explore the way jewellery can play with light and personal space – after all, jewellery should be personal and expressive. Crafted by combining industrial processes with traditional handcraft techniques, there’s always power of celestial proportions with an underlying softness.


    A trip to Rome unexpectedly inspired my first collection – Celestial Spheres. With a fascination of the interior architecture and floor plans of the Pantheon building turning into sketches and then layers of metals overlapping and intertwining to mimic the silhouettes of stars, planets and solar systems; a celestial twist that I never initially intended.


    By constantly finding inspiration in architecture, interior design, fashion and art history, each of my pieces hold the charm of a different era, moment or even universe.

    White November is based in Melbourne, Australia with all pieces handmade in my studio in Southbank. Each piece is made using stainless steel, gold plated metal and recycled silver where possible.

    Milky Way Brooch       




    Behind The Scenes of the White November Studio. February 27 2016, 2 Comments

    Behind The Scenes of the White November Studio – A Short Film By Madeleine Gill

    Discover the inner workings of the White November Studio in Southbank, Melbourne. In this short film shot by talented graphic designer Madeleine Gill, I am in the process of making pieces from the ‘Celestial Spheres’ collection. Each piece is handmade by using technological processes and hand-finished techniques. My lovely studio space at the Boyd School Studio managed by Creative Spaces Melbourne - a program of the City of Melbourne Arts Melbourne Branch. I really enjoy spending time in my little space, which is filled with items from my travels that inspire me. There is a huge amount of natural light that floods the room, which is perfect for my little Mister Moss hanging palm tree. To find out more about Creative Spaces, visit their website: http://www.creativespaces.net.au/