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TRAILBLAZING QUEEN interview with Bianca Librandi for YES QUEEN.

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White November is a proud Yes Queen ambassador. 

Yes Queen embodies a person - an ambitious trailblazer who is kind, compassionate and supportive of others.

YQ Business Ambassadors are companies ready and willing to implement the Yes Queen project. They live and breathe the YQ ethos; have an open conversation with their staff on a zero tolerance towards workplace bullying; they spearhead great culture and integrate wellness in a joint quest to future-proof wellbeing and kindness in work.

“Kindness and collaboration is at the centre of everything I do at White November and I am incredibly proud and excited to be a YQ Brand Ambassador” - Bianca Librandi

Designer/Founder Bianca Librandi was interviewed by Yes Queen Founder Sarah Fritz.

 Read full interview here




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