Cornelia Thonhauser X White November Collaboration

Cornelia Thonhauser X White November Collaboration

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a collaborative photo shoot in London. While searching out photographers, I found Cornelia Thonhauser's  work. I knew she would be perfect – both for the shoot and for White November. 

Cornelia Thonhauser was born in Vienna. She has a background in art and the humanities, having earned her MA at the University College in London. After a couple of years of assisting photographers and working in an art gallery, she studied photography at the Art University in Leipzig. She currently works as a commercial photographer in Europe and the United States.

I really admired the way Cornelia used light in her work to create a presence. As well as this, each image really appeared to tell me a story. The lighting, combined with the models and their surroundings, all intrigued me. Her portrait work truly impressed me and drew me in. While working with Cornelia, I discovered she had a passion for still life shots. 

After our photo shoot with Stefanie Lange, I asked Cornelia if she would like to take my work to create some still life shots. Cornelia happily obliged, and explaining that my pieces would work really well in the desert setting of Arizona, where she was heading.

The result of the photo shoot is very surreal, moody and flooded with light. I love how the jewellery placed in this wild landscape looks like it is from outer space, yet somehow familiar. I love how it feels like these jewellery pieces have had an adventure of their own on some planet far away. Take a look below.

 Check out more of Cornelia's work here. 

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  • Feb 19, 2018

    These shots are absolutely amazing! It really does look like the jewels had an inter dimensional adventure! Sx

    — Sarah

  • Feb 19, 2018

    Your work with the medium used makes White November jewellery look outstanding. You have a good eye.

    — Raffaella

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