Push Present for a Sarah

Push Present for a Sarah

Last September, I was asked by my friend Ryan to produce a custom ‘Push Present’ design for his wife Sarah. A "Push Present" - for those who don't know - is a special gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

This new baby turned out to be the beautiful baby boy Forrest, who was born in October. One of my initial design ideas was to incorporate Forrest's birthstone – the White Opal - into this piece to make it customized and personal. When sketching up my ideas, I then thought it would be really nice to add another personal touch to the design and include a blue sapphire. This is the birthstone of September, and the month their eldest daughter was born.

I noticed that Sarah often wears silver and white gold necklaces, so I decided that creating a neck piece to add to her neck "gallery" would be the perfect option for Sarah. That way, she would be able to wear this piece every day and treasure it forever.

To create this special piece, I used white gold, white diamonds, a white opal and a blue sapphire. This has definitely been one of my favourite custom design pieces that i have created to date!



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