Stone Setting Short Course By Northcity4

Stone Setting Short Course By Northcity4

 Last Sunday I completed a stone setting course at Northcity4. Back in 2014, I had a bench at Northcity4 in their Project Space. I was working on my first ever collection -Celestial Spheres.

The short course ran over 2 Sundays and was run by the well-known Melbourne Jeweller Kathryn Wardill. At the end of the short course, I had made and designed 5 different stone settings. I constructed 2 different kinds of claw settings and 3 different types of bezel setting.


The claw settings I found to be particularly useful as I was able to set found object of varying shapes and sizes. I really enjoyed working with the precious stones for this project. I found a beautiful blue topaz cabochon stone that I ended up making an open back setting for.

I really loved this course because I learnt a new skill and I also refined my soldering technique. Kathryn was a really great teacher, answering all my questions and demonstrating the best way to solder such small items. I would highly recommend this course!

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