SHOOT featuring STEFANIE LANGE- LONDON November 2017

SHOOT featuring STEFANIE LANGE- LONDON November 2017

November 2017, White November was lucky enough to shoot in the extraordinary De Montfort Suite, Town Hall Hotel in London. The team decided this would be the perfect location. The De Montfort Suite is a triple height space with enormous arched windows, stained glass panels and original artwork by Henry Poole. Like the rest of Town Hall hotel, it combines architectural splendour with contemporary design. With only 45 minutes to shoot, we quickly found our location on the second level of the suite. 

Our model Stefanie Lange, is one incredible woman. We were very happy and excited to work with such an amazing model. Her long flowing silver hair and beautiful skin- she had many stories to tell about her many varied life experiences. A personal favourite was the story she told about how she lived in Ibiza for 6 years.  We were all in awe of her grace and the innate beauty she possessed. Stefanie shows that beliefs about aging are all in the mind, choosing to focus on health and eternal youth. 

Together we created a little narrative for the day to give us some direction for the shoot.

Concept: - Written by Photographer Cornelia Thonhauser
A celestial gypsy, a timeless, ethereal sorceress.
Hanging around the house, infused with daily some
ritualistic atmosphere.
The aesthetic will be minimal and classic.
Images of the model as a ‘figure’ in the room will
have a surrealistic note - body parts appearing behind
furniture, her hair spread out over a chair. This will be
mixed with close ups of her face and hands, which will
highlight the jewellery pieces of Bianca. The styling will
be a timeless black kimono and some wide dresses
from a designer in Berlin.

We explained the above little story to Stefanie and she said smiling, it sounded like her life. We knew we had the perfect model. 

Dream Team
Photography: Cornelia Thonhauser
Makeup: Oksana Lavreniuk 
Hair: Kat Prush 
Accessories: White November
Assisting: Tom Moody
Stefanie wears Moonphase Earrings, Neptune and Pegasus Rings, Galaxy Earrings, Saturn Necklace. 

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  • Nov 29, 2017

    Wow! This is incredibly beautiful shoot! What an amazing experience. Your jewellery looks out of this world divine.

    — St Dakota

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