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My love of jewellery began when I was studying in Melbourne in 2006, choosing it as an elective and never looking back. I see my work as small pieces of wearable art, mini sculptures that explore the way jewellery can play with light and personal space – after all, jewellery should be personal and expressive. Crafted by combining industrial processes with traditional handcraft techniques, there’s always power of celestial proportions with an underlying softness.


A trip to Rome unexpectedly inspired my first collection – Celestial Spheres. With a fascination of the interior architecture and floor plans of the Pantheon building turning into sketches and then layers of metals overlapping and intertwining to mimic the silhouettes of stars, planets and solar systems; a celestial twist that I never initially intended.


By constantly finding inspiration in architecture, interior design, fashion and art history, each of my pieces hold the charm of a different era, moment or even universe.

White November is based in Melbourne, Australia with all pieces handmade in my studio in Southbank. Each piece is made using stainless steel, gold plated metal and recycled silver where possible.

Milky Way Brooch       




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  • secret admirer: March 11, 2016

    Love the way you combine all these elements to produce works that are earthy, innovative and unique pieces of art. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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